Security Doors

Security Doors with lock & key for Large Demo Cart (CBC-DC)

List Price: $200.00

  • 2 security doors
    only available on the Large Demo Cart (CBC-DC model)
    Factory installed
  • When the doors are closed, the top 2 plating drawers on either side of the cart can still pull out as needed
  • Encloses the open side of the cart for security
  • Ship weight: adds an extra 30 lbs. to the cart
  • To order, add "-D" to end of the cart model number
    example: CBC-DC-L__-D

Freight Class: For CBC-DC carts: 250. NOT UPS-able, must ship by truck. F.O.B. 06098. *Ship weights include shipping skids (approx. 40 lbs. per skid) & carton (approx. 15 lbs.) (sneeze guard models ship on 2 skids)

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