• Going to direct dining, the investment and return has been met with great satisfaction…a real improvement, all–round.

    RE: Cadco MobileServ Food and Beverage Carts
    Peter W. Ponticelli, Sodexo

  • Meal times are so important to residents, Serving them individually, with fresh foods they can see & select, makes the whole experience. I get to know them and encourage them to eat well, & yes, sometimes they sample!

    RE: Cadco MobileServ Food and Beverage Carts
    Food Service Worker, Manchester Manor in CT

  • I have been baking with this oven for 5 years, receiving great results every time.

    RE: Cadco XAF-183 Oven
    Mary Krumsiek, Sutton Country Store

  • Thanks to its range of temp settings, the tray kept food (incl deep pot of chili) not just at safe serving temp, but piping hot for 4 hrs...it easily wiped clean, & cooled after use in 20 mins for quick cleanup.

    RE: Cadco Warming Trays
    Independent nationally recognized online / tv demo program

  • Thanks to thick, cast aluminum material- heat transferred very well and maintained even temps for reliable, consistent cooking results (with avg temp of 348.8 degs, a little more than 1 deg from our desired temp).

    RE: Cadco Countertop Griddles
    Indep nationally recognized online/tv demo program

  • It was the largest among our contenders, at 21 by 11 7/8 inches. Its grease tray worked without hitch, and the nonstick surface cleaned up easily.

    RE: Cadco Countertop Griddles
    Non solicited national test

  • Amazing Panini Grill! It cooks so evenly, is very reliable, & garners me compliments daily. The paninis turn out delicious and eye appealing.

    RE: Cadco Panini Grills
    Keith Lamanna, Executive Chef, Fairview Farm Golf Course

  • Great service! I could have a question or just be looking for general information, and whomever I speak to or communicate with through email is ALWAYS courteous, professional and prompt.

    Executive Chef
    Fairview Farm Golf Course

  • The ovens have been a huge success for our locations, and have opened a host of menu items we were not able to serve beforehand. The ovens are easy to operate and maintain.

    Carl Lamaye
    Pilot/Flying J Travel Centers

  • THANK YOU once again for the GREAT customer service!

    Ray Riddle
    Senior Director of Dining Services, Culpepper Garden, VA

  • The dealer has a new comfort level with the order. I wish all the companies we represented conducted business the way your company does.

    Sales Representative

  • I really appreciate your personal attention to this account. Cadco is such a wonderful company to be associated with. I look forward to a long relationship.

    Sales Representative

  • We are very happy with these hot plates. We use them in an industrial environment and they hold up well to almost constant use and the abuse normal to a factory.

    RE: Cadco Hot Plates, specific KR-1
    Mark B.

  • Great product and Made in USA-- This is a great portable griddle. I have used mine for the past few months. I am a caterer and it is an indispensable item for me. I have toasted hot dog buns and the next day did mini pancakes for a childrens party.

    RE: Cadco PCG-10C Griddle
    Fast Food Catering

  • This is the best panini grill I have ever used. The glass is so easy to clean, the heating is even and super quick. I do every thing from breakfast sandwiches to quesadillas. I can even fry an egg on it . I can't say enough!!!!!

    RE: CPG-10 Panini Grill
    TX Restauranteur

  • I use this hot plate to make coffee, fry eggs, and boil potatoes. I am impressed with its very durable electric cord and simple, functional styling and expect it to give me years of service. I couldn't be happier with it--- clearly the highest quality hot plate I've ever

    RE: Cadco KR-S2 Hot Plate
    Satisfied Customer