VariKwik ovens use Tri-Heat technology to prepare food quickly...never compromising taste or composition of the food.

VariKwik is a fast cooking multi-technology oven.
Available in 120V or 220V, at a price that any foodservice operator can afford.

Patent Pending

Firmware updates option (downloadable via USB device)


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  • VariKwik Intro Video

    1 Minute Video - Fast Cooking, without microwave. Have high quality for output that lasts longer! VariKwik is easy to use: simply choose the daypart, select the choice of food, open the door and place the food onto the heat plate and press the preprogrammed recipe button to start. The digital controls give you the flexibility of modifying programs, adding recipes, or adding extra cooking time.

  • VariKwik Application Video

    4 Minute Video - showing all types of foods being finished by VariKwik!

  • VariKwik- User Guide & General Maintenance

    "HOW TO" CHAPTERS INCLUDE... Initial Cleaning & Preheat; Set-Up, Power On; Using Preset Recipes; Manual Recipe Development; USB Recipe Development; Manual Settings & USB Firmware Updates; Powering Down & Powering Up; General Cleaning & Daily Cleaning; Weekly Cleaning

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